Monday, 17 May 2010

Found the Sombrero galaxy last night. Could even see the dust lane.

Last night was the first time it has been properly clear and dark for a long while. I only had a short time out though, and set about finding the Sombrero galaxy before it dips too low for another year. I found it easily enough in the binoculars, hopping down from Virgo (gamma to chi, then finding the rectangle with the Sombrero to the upper-right corner). Was easy enough to repeat that with the 'scope then.

Like most galaxies viewed by eye, it is basically an elongated grey smudge. This one had one very hard long edge though, which is probably the prominent dust lane on the photos. Rather pleasing, and more hat-like than the pictures.

Also went on to re-find a few objects from last summer, as Hercules and Lyra are visible again: the ring nebula, M13 and M92. And a quick look at Saturn too. It would be impolite to do otherwise.

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