Friday, 8 July 2005

CityPass Leftovers

This weekend I managed to use up the leftovers of someone’s CityPass tickets, resulting in trips to the Seattle Aquarium and the Museum of Flight, neither of which I would have gone to otherwise.

Cuttlefish The Aquarium was pretty small and frankly not as good as the one in Birmingham. They did have sea-otters, however, but they were in a pretty small tank. It was worth the visit for the cuttlefish though. They scudded about, flipantly changing colour and I wasn’t sure who was the observer and who the observed. I made a rule to never trust a cephalopod.

The Museum of Flight, down at the Boeing airfield was a real surprise to me; I enjoyed it. I generally don’t like aeroplanes. The best part was the WWI and WWII section which had some human stories and wasn’t all completely heroistic.

Some of the old bi-planes were great too. I particularly liked this one which looked less like a plane, and more like an opulant flying wardrobe. I was also amused by this seat from a 1923 DH-4, made from wicker and leather. I think I sat on something similarly uncomfortable, but with less style on my flight over here.

Amongst other gems in the main hanger were the impressively large blackbird and a cruise missle, “capbable of delivering a nuclear payload.” It bore a wonderful danger sticker:”Ordnance activated devices within.”

As a little unexpeced bonus, the Blue Angels were there, taking off to do their stuff for the unfathomable Seattle Seafair festival. The police turned up on their Harleys, and as if to upstage the Blue Angles, gave an impressive display of formation parking.