Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Found the triangulum galaxy and the wild duck cluster just now.

It was a surprisingly clear night last night, despite the wind. At least that kept the dew at bay. Managed to find something down the bottom of Aquila, a nice cluster with easily resolvable stars. I think it was the Wild Duck Cluster, M11. Also had a look for M33, the Triangulum Galaxy (or confusingly sometimes the Pinwheel Galaxy.) I found it relatively easily in the finderscope, in fact it looked brighter there than through the main scope. Not much detail, only a feint hazy area. I hopped down from Mirach in Andromeda, where I start to find the Andromeda galaxy too.

It's getting interesting now the nights are drawing in. Starting to see new areas of the sky than the summer when I started on this. The summer triangle and Hercules are disappearing earlier every night.

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