Sunday, 14 March 2010

Good haul of fuzzies spotted tonight

Reasonably clear night. Managed to spot a good load of new galaxies. Decided to concentrate on Leo and Virgo. Easily found M65,M66 and NGC3628 in a very nice triplet. Never as pretty as the pictures, of course, but in cleaner skies I suspect not too far off. I must go and find a better site. Then swung the scope westward to find M95 M96 and another unidentified fuzzy.

Further East, I thought I'd take my first real look into the Virgo cluster of galaxies. Too many to pick out an individual to aim at, so scanned a line from ε-virgo to ν-virgo. Found eight clear fuzzies along that line (with a ~1degree field of view.) Clearly lots more to find in there.

Also had to have a look at Saturn and it's myriad moons. Very pretty. Spotted Hercules has popped back into view. A welcome return as it was one of the first new constellations I learnt last summer. 

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