Thursday, 18 August 2005

Snow Lake

View of Snow Lake Another walk in the cascades. This one proved popular, with a group of eight of us heading for the hills; it took a while to fill out the permit… It was another ludicrously hot day and the majority of my pack was full of water. Our goal was Snow Lake, an alpine reservoir at some 4000ft above sea level. It’s a well trodden path and by far the busiest yet, I can see why though; after only three miles and a few hundred feet of elevation we crested a rise to be confronted with a spectacular view of a dark blue lake, surrounded by white rocks and deep green pines.

Map of the route We’d set out to swim in the lake. It seemed like the perfect day for it, being as it was so hot, the cool alpine waters would be refreshing. They were indeed. I found them a little too refreshing and after ten minutes my teeth were chattering. I spent the next half an hour trying to maintain my core temperature by shivering on the shore bathed in sunshine on a 30°C day.

At least I actually swam, not like our friends from the lower latitudes.

Summary: Busy, but well worth it. Don’t forget your trunks.

More pictures in the gallery.

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