Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Free Windows Software

Over the years I’ve found quite a few good free programs. I’ve not bought much software since my new installation of XP, and have found most of what I need as either freeware or open source, or both. Here’s my list:



  • Text editor
  • C/C++ Development IDE
    Dev C++
  • Scripting
    Python - Powerful and object oriented, yet still simple and easy to program.




  • Celestia - Allows you to explore the universe in 3D. Comes as standard with plenty of objects, but additional can be added, including extremely high resolution textures for solar system objects.
  • NASA WorldWind - Like Celestia, above, but concentrates only on the Earth, fetching data from the web as required to give the highest resolution images available freely. Fantastic. Similar to Google Earth, but open source.

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